Payment Accepted

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash.


We ship daily via UPS with a 2:30 PM deadline.  We can expedite if necessary.

reconditioned Tools

Reconditioned products are factory returns, whether it is a demo tool or a product that had a minor defect, it is checked by the factory, and rechecked by our service center.  They still carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

do we take trades?

Our reconditioned products are factory reconditioned products, we do not take in trades for credit

do we services tools?

We service the brands we sell through retail.  We do not take in products we cannot get factory parts for.  We will on occasion replace a cord for other brands, but we do not have sources for parts

how long does it take to get a product repaired?

We repair tools in house, with factory authorized parts.  Typical turn around is 4 – 5 business days, we do have a priority service option for $15 that gets your tool serviced within 24 hours.  But, any product that requires non-stock parts may take up to 2 – 3 weeks to repair depending on parts order frequency.  We can expedite parts deliveries for additional freight charges.

Is my tool worth repair?

Depending on the product and the wear on the tool, we will sometimes do estimates for a $20 charge. This covers disassembly and diagnosis only.  We then provide a verbal estimate for your product.  We will call with an estimate on a tool that exceeds 50% of replacement cost.

i bought my tool from somewhere else, can I get it service?

We service our brands only, regardless of your place of purchase.  If you believe your product is under factory warranty, a receipt of purchase will be required per vendor warranty terms.  Any tool without a receipt may not be eligible for factory warranty

do you deliver?

Due to cost of fuel and time, we do not do deliveries for most orders.  And deliveries that we do, are for open accounts.

can I open an account?

Only licensed contractors and places of businesses may open an account, credit references and completion of our credit application is required, although our store is open for cash and credit card sales to everyone. 

you don't have what i'm looking form can you order it?

Depending on the product and situation, we will typically require an upfront payment in full on a special order product.